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Go Namhyeon


Web, App, Kiosk Accessability Audit

Optimal solution for companies and institutions to respond to DDA(Disability Discrimination Act)

Intelligence for data format & conversion

Intelligence for file extension, signature, MIME, PE32/64, DEX, metadata, malware ransomware, and all of file formats


Developing with the Smart Contract, Bronze award, KISA-NHBank-TheLoop, Fintech X Blockchain Hackathon

Studies and prizes


  • Dec 2019, Association prize, Venture Incheon 2019, Incheon Venture Company Association
  • Sep 2019, Participation prize, Korea Clinical Datathon, Korea National Enterprise for Clinical Trials
  • Sep 2019, Bronze prize, Software competition, Korea National Open University
  • Nov 2018, Participation prize, DoraHacks Hackathon, DoraHacks
  • Oct 2018, Participation prize, 'Welcome to maker world' competition, Korea Economic Daily
  • Aug 2018, Participation prize, 'Happy National Idea' competition, Uiseong-gun Local Office(Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea)
  • Jun 2018, Bronze prize, KISA-NHBank-TheLoop Blockchain Hackathon, Korea Internet & Security Agency
  • Sep 2016/2017, Participation prize, Software competition, Korea National Open University
  • Mar 2016, Grand prize, Airport service competition, Incheon Airport
  • Jan 2016, Social enterprise grow up program, Namdong-gu Local Office(Incheon Metropolitan City)
  • Sep 2014, Bronze prize, Polytechnic project competition, Korea Polytechnic 2 Incheon Colleage


  • 2016, A study on compress behavior information and compare similarity of malicious code via natural language processing, Korea Association of Information Systems
  • 2016, A study on enhance flash memory performance and digital evidence analysis using LKM in android devices, Korea Association of Information Systems
  • 2016, A study on finding correlation between IoT and signal intrusion, Korea Society of Computer Information
  • 2016, Attack of downloader vulnerability using SD card of Android, Korea Association of Information Systems
  • 2016, Classification and Allocation method of e-mail using possibility distribution and prediction, Korea Society of Computer Information
  • 2016, Event Inspection Technique for the advancement of Application Accessibility, Korean Institute of Communication Sciences
  • 2016, A Code Concealment Method using Java Reflection and Dynamic Loading in Android, Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology
  • 2015, Java Automatic Identifier Renaming Technique and Protection Method, The Journal of the KICS
  • 2014, Code Obfuscation using Java Reflection and Exception in Android, Korea Society of Computer Information

Our team

Go Namhyeon

Headquarter, Full stack and secure coding developer

Kang Hyeonwoo

Developer, develop back-end system, Project management, QA

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